Clam Gulch, Alaska October 29, 2001

On this page you will find pairs of aurora images specially arranged for pseudo-three dimentional stereo viewing.

The viewing technique is simple but may take practice.

!. Position yourself about a foot from the monitor and center on the two images.

2. Now cross your eyes and bring the two images togeather to form one image in the center. There will be three images visible but ignore the outer two and concentrate on the center.

3. Relax your eyes and let the images come into focus while maintaining one single overlaping image at center.
(This will take some practice but when you achieve the effect you will know it.)

4. Be sure to uncross your eyes before attempting to operate a motor vehichle!!!

Scroll down to find more fun 3-d image pairs.
"Red Lion" Anchor River, Alaska November 7, 1998
"Hedgehog" near Delta Junction, Alaska February 2, 2002
"Millenium Magic" Denali State Park, Alaska November 16, 1999
"Sentinals" Donnelly Dome, Alaska February 2, 2002
"Fanciful Flight" Cantwell, Alaska March 18, 2001
              Hope you had fun!!!

(Remember to uncross your eyes now)
Night Trax Photography
                      "Thompson Pass 3D"

Thompson Pass near Valdez, Alaska September 3, 2002