"Above Calm Waters"

                                         Portage Lake, Alaska
                                          October 31, 2003

    The air at the surface was calm and the waters of Portage Lake lay still but many miles above, the winds of our sun howled with the a gale force.
    In the previous few days a pair of solar flares,amongst the most powerful ever recorded, had released a barrage of charged particles at the Eart, the result of which was beautiful auroral displays seen from many parts of the world. So violent was the assult, that the outer layers of our protective atmosphere were actually stripped off. It took our planet over six months to recover from the powerful solar storm.
    To stand here on such a calm night with icebergs drifting slowly by in the lake currents, one could hardly fathom the intense forces behind this beautiful auroral display. The colorful lights danced and swayed in such a gentle way that it was quite mesmerizing and I found myself drifting through space and time.
    Suddenly, I was brought back from this dreamlike state as a loud report rang out like the blast from a cannon. The glacier on the other side of the lake had calved more bergs into the water with a tremendous roar that broke the silence and sent echos throughout the mountain valley. Another powerful force of nature had spoken.
    I used a 6x7cm. home-built medium-format camera equipped with a 75mm lens and Kodak E100VS film to record this serene scene.

    This image is availible in the following sizes: 5x7, 6x9, 8x12, 11x15, and 12x18. It is also availible in a three image set here.

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