"Aurora Duck"

                      Tanana River near Tok, Aalska
                               February 20, 2001
                              (Toungue in cheek)

   The rare and shy giant aurora duck, anatidae borealis giganticus, was photographed while feeding on its favorite food, black spruce on a dark night in late February 2001.
    This species is highly nocturnal and makes its appearance throughout the late summer to early spring at high latitudes. Unlike most species that hibernate, it seems to prefer its rest in the months centered around the summer solstice. Sightings are virtually non-existent at this time of year.
    Aurora ducks are mostly green although dominant males can on occasion be seen sporting bright red plumage. A bluish or purple sheen has also been reported in its twilight plumage. Little is known about the actual breeding habits of this shy species. (Quack! Quack!)
    A conventional 35mm camera with a 20mm wide-angle lens and Fuji SuperG 800 film was used in recording this rare sighting.

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