Night Trax aurora photography    Photo Sets
                     "Aurora and Alpenglow"

    On the left of this set we have "Concerto in Ursa Major" a beautiful August twilight aurora from the Kenai Peninsula. The centerpiece is a late- April photo of Illiamna Volcano at sunrise with the moon about to set. On the right is an image titled "Blue Morning" of a powerful pre-dawn aurora taken from the Homer, Alaska area on a crisp November morning.
     Information about the auroras and the images is printed on the back. This is my most popular set.

These sets measure 12x20 inches.  The matting depicted here is a dark blue/light blue ragboard with black cores.

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                            "Nitrogen Blues"

    This set features the beautiful and ultra rare blue color of nitrogen molocules high in the atmosphere under the influence of direct sunlight.  The images seen here include "Blue Rays" at left, "Nitrogen Blues" at center and "Blue Ridge" at left.

    Click on the titles to find more information about the individual photos and the spectacular and rare blue nitrogen emissions.

This set is availible in a 12x20 frame size.  The matting similated here is Marine Blue suedeboard with black core.with a dark blue ragboard inner mat.

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                               Aurora and Star Trails

    At left we have Western Veil"the northern lights over Cook Inlet on the southern Kenai Peninsula while at center, "Star Trails Over Russian Church" shows us the motion of the stars during a long exposure around Polaris, the "North Star" from Ninilchik, Alaska. At the right, "Fade to Black" is a beautiful depiction of tall rays seen in the northern sky over Denali State Park, Alaska.

    This set is availible in a matted 12x20 frame size.

     It is depicted here in the grey "Polaris" matboard with a dark blue ragboard inner mat, both with black cores.

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                              Colorful Nights

                                 Auroras of the Kenai Peninsula

    When it comes to auroral displays Alaska's Kenai Peninsula gets its share. Even though the aurora occurs less frequently at 60 degrees north than at higher latitudes, it is not a rare occurance and there are a couple distinct advantages.
    One is that our season is longer. While the lingering effects of the midnight sun keep the skies too bright to see the aurora further north we are already into darkness by late July and this season extends until late May when the long days of summer finally erase the darkness.
    The other advantage is a little less obvious but an important one none-the-less. This is the fact that the types of auroral events that tend to produce rare colorful displays are usually more powerful and they push further south. Although the aurora occurs over twice as frequently in Fairbanks, for instance, the frequency of colorful shows is actually less. And, conversly, although the aurora occurs less at lower latituded like the Kenai Peninsula, the rare colorful shows happen more often than further north.

   Depicted in this set are three shows from the Kenai the first on the left is titled "Encore" a mid-September view from the bluffs along Cook Inlet on the Western Kenai. The center is a cropped version of "On the Edge of Darkness" a shot taken in early August from the Homer area on the Southern Kenai. On the right we have "Above Calm Waters"   which is a late-October photo at Portage Lake on the Northern Kenai.

This set is availible in a 12x20 frame size and is similated here in the forest green matting with an olive green inner mat , both ragboards with black cores.

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