"Blue Morning"

                                   Homer, Alaska
                                 November 6, 2000

    A tall ray trumpets the arrival of dawn near the end of a spectacular and rare showing of colors that the aurora had saved for the twilight hours.
    While it is still relatively dark at ground level, the sun bathes the upper reaches of the aurora with its intense light. Unfilteres by Earth's protective lower atmosphere, this extra boost of radiation causes blues and violets not seen otherwise. These hues combine here with a powerful red display forming the beautiful magenta seen here.
    This view is looking eastward from about 15 miles out of Homer on the southern Kenai Peninsula around 7:30 local time as children are getting ready to catch the busses to school.
    I used a conventional 35mm Nikon camera with a 28mm lens and Kodak E100VS film to record the spectacle.

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