Canvas Prints (Giclee)
Archival quality last a lifetime...
High-quality canvas art prints are also known as a "giclee."

This printing technique utilizes the very best archival inks and materials for long-lasting images that will not fade over time. Color is vivid and very closely matches that of my original transparency film on which they were created. They almost glow with a life of their own!

After printing, they are coated with a matte finish that not only adds to the longevity but creates a surface free of reflection so that they look great in any lighting conditions... even by candle light!

The prints are done in a "gallery-wrap" fashion where the image is carried around the edge for a unique minimalist effect when displaying. If you have another look in mind, they are also great for framing!

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"Denali Revisited"  Denali Park, Alaska

A bright moon illuminates Mount McKinley, North America's tallest peak, as a bright aurora dances above in this popular mid-january image.

Available in 30x40, 20x26, 16x20 sizes
"River Above, River Below"  Gulkana River, Central Alaska Range

The curvature of the aurora above mimics a bend in the river below on a bright, moonlit night with fresh snow across this late-January landscape.

Available in 30x40, 20x26, and 16x20 sizes
"Fire and Ice"   Portage Lake, Alaska

The light of early dawn is starting to creep into the eastern sky after a night of fantastic auroras. Ice bergs drift quietly by as a distant glacier roars to life on this otherwise peaceful late-October night.

Available in 30x40, 20x26 and 16x20 sizes
"Angel Fire"  Homer, Alaska

The mid-January sky above blazes red as viewed from our driveway a few miles out of Homer. Most people are in bed at 4:oo a.m. but I am glad that I was not one of them!

Available in 30x40, 20x26 and 16x20 sizes

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"Edge of Darkness"    Homer, Alaska

Twilight and rare noctilucent clouds light up the northern horizon on this short August night early in the aurora season.

Available in 30x40, 20x26 and 16x20 inch sizes
"Breakup at Talkeetna"  Talkeetna, Alaska

The aurora suddenly intensified and went into a sub-storm or "breakup" over the distant Alaska Range as wolves howled their approval. I had to howl back my own answer of approval on this mid-October night.

Availible in 30x40, 20x26, and 16x20 inch sizes
"Dawn's Early Light"  Denali Park, Alaska

The light of early dawn beghins to paint Mount McKinley as the stars start to fade in this October image along the Chulitna River.

Availible in 30x40, 20x26 and 16x20 inch sizes

"Incredible Journey"   Christiansen Lake near Talkeetna

The aurora is mirrored in the glassy surface of a lake during this midnight show in this calm October night before ice-up.

Availible in 30x40, 20x26 ans 16x20 inch sizes
"Electric Angels"  Homer Alaska

In spite of a very bright "Super Moon" the aurora blazed overhead, nopt wanting to be outdone on this crisp, early-March night.

Availible in 30x40, 20x26,and 16x20 inch sizes
"Spirit Dancers"  Homer, Alaska

This crowning image is taken about 20 seconds after the image "Electric Angels" demonstrating how dynamic the ever-changing auroras can be.

Availible in 30x40, 20x26 and 16x20 inch sizes

Click here for pricing of canvas prints
Click here for pricing of canvas prints
"Mega View Aurora"    Homer, Alaska

With a bright "super moon" having just risen behind me I turned my "Megaview" camera to the north and exposed a sheet of 4x5 inch film. The camera has a 180 degree circular field of view so everything up, dow, east and west is captired in one unusual image with stunnimmng detail in this early March scene.
"Heavens Above"    Ninilchik, Alaska

I arrived just in time to see the aurora overhead and pointed my "megaview" camera up to capture the aurora over the Russian Orthodox Church on this mid-October night.
"Third Wave I"     Homer, Alaska

The aurora can come and go several times duuring the course of a long night. This was to be the third wave of activity around 1:00 as seen from our driveway in early March. I used the "Megaview " camera to capture the whole sky.
"Third Wave II"    Homer, Alaska

Taken a minute after "Third Wave I", you can see how the aurora has changed having developed a bit of fleeting red. It had entered "breakup" where suddenly a narrow overhead band began to expand and fill the sky. The bright, full moon is visible over our house as the stars of the "Big Dipper" shine straight overhead. (center of the image)
"Third Wave III"    Homer, Alaska

This is when the "Megaview" comes in handy, when the aurora is filling the whole sky and there is no other way to take it all in. Imagine yourself laying on your back and looking up. The sky becomes a big dome as  the horizon curves around you.
"Ion Butterfly"          Captain Cook State Park, Kenai Peninsula

A little over a day before I took this image of this incredibly bright and colorful aurora in late March, the sun had unleashed a solar flair that literally pegged the meters and its accociated coronal mass ejection was headed right for us. Then the weather turned to ... well it was bad.  In desparation I drove white-knuckeld all night and was finally rewarded just before dawn with a big clearing and the most incredible sight in my career. This event was visible clear down into the tropics, a once in a century occurance! All I can say is Wow!
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"Star Trails Over Russian Church"    Ninilchik, Alaska

The aurora was just a faint glow on the northern horizon on this April night, so I took advantage of the lull by capturing the motion of the Earth in the form of star trails. This is a 2-1/2 hour exposure over the Russian Church with the entire northern sky spinning arouind our "north star," Polaris.
"Anchorage, City of Light"         Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage comes aglow during "magic time" as the first stars become visible during deep twilight. It is at this time that the snow, ice and water pick up and reflect the deep indigo-blue from the sky above. The Chugach mountains beyond are illuminated with "alpenglow" the light of dusk in the west during this late March exposure.
3:1 Panoramic canvas prints are availible in  20x60 and 13x40 inch sizes