"Chicken Run"

                                                Chicken, Alaska
                                               January 29, 2003

    The aurora borealis is seen here dancing above the seasonal Chicken General Store, located in East -Central Alaska, on a frigid January evening.
    I had just spent a couple hours digging snow in order to free my vehichle from a jaunt down a side road. It is always easier to go down than to get back up and I guess that I had not properly judged the steepness of the hill as well as I should have. The snow was deep and it took me several tries to get back uip and onto the main road. This gave me time to think about where I was.
   Chicken, Alaska is located on the "Top of the World Highway" between Tok, Alaska and Dawson City in Canada's Yukon Territory. Normally this road is closed for the winter as it is usually not maintained. It is a place known fro harsh winter conditions - heavy snowfalls and extreme cold. As my luck would have it the road had actually been plowed the day before so that a piece of heavy equipment could be brought in to a gold mining area further north. I decided to take advantage of the open road for a little winter drive.
    Digging out my truck had given me plenty of time to think about how easy it could be to get into trouble in such a cold and desolate place. The only other human that I had seen for a couple days was the driver of the now-empty flatbed truck on his way out after delivering the equipment. As I dug the temperature was plumeting. It was around zero at sundown but now it was into the minus 30's and still falling. An arctic front was moving in and the temperatures would be in the minus 50's by morning. It was time to go.
    I used a 6x9 cm. home-built medium-format camera with a 50mm wide-angle lens and Kodak E200 film to record the scene.
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