"Dawn's Early Light"

                                     Denali State Park, Alaska
                                           October 17, 2003

    Dawn comes early for Denali.

    The Alaska Range of Denali National Park features several of North America's highest peaks including the very tallest, Mount Mckinley at 20,320 feet. Mckinley is seen here at the right, rising above the darkness to catch the dawn's earliest light.             The mysterious northern lights are seen as a gentle arc rising from the northwest and off toward the east. It is sending up faint flickering flames of gentle light as it cools off after a night of furious activity. This green light is reflected off the Chulitna River in the foreground while the stars have not quite gone to bed yet. Their twinkling light can be seen peppering an indigo sky.

    To acquire this image I used a 4x5 large format camera with a 150mm lens and Fuji Provia 100F film. This film size is about 12 times the size of 35mm and is the digital equivelent of 150 megs. This provides tremendous detail un-achievable with anything less.

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