"Denali Revisited"

                                 Denaili State Park, Alaska
                                        January 19, 2003

    I can never seem to get enough of this popular view of Mount McKinley from the old scenic overlook near mile 135 of the Parks Highway. The view faces to the northwest across the frozen Chulitna River with "Denali" in the background. A powerful display of northern lights are ablaze above North America's tallest peak as a bright full moon adds its light to the scene.
    Another potential aurora photographer from Anchorage, had driven to this spot to photograph the northern lights against the mountain. When I arrived around midnight, he was fast asleep in his vehichle. I proceeded to shoot several rolls of film and decided to check on him around dawn after photoghraphing the intense display that you see here. He was startled to have someone knocking on his window but as he gathered his wits his first question was "Dis I miss anything?"
    Well, I'm sure that you can be the judge but I would think that the old addage "You snooze, you loose" applies apltly here!

    I used a 6x7 home-built medium format camera equipped with a 75mm lens and Kodak E100S film for great detail and fine grain.

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