Stariski Creek State Campground
                    Southern Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
                                September 16, 2003

    Many times, just as I think the aurora is done for thenight, it gathers strength again near dawn. It seems to be the addition of sunlight on the aurora, which is now up and out of the Earth's shadow, causes this effect. It is this encore or grand finale that keeps me out until all signs of the aurora are finally overpowered by the light of day. More times than not I have not been disappointed by my persistance and the loss of sleep.
    This particular morning I was rewarded by a spectacular encore around 6:15 a.m after a lull in activity of a couple hours. By 6:30 the light of dawn had erased all traces of the aurora.
    I used a 6x7 cm. home-built medium-format camera equipped with a 75mm lens and Kodak E100VS to record this last hurrah.

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