"Fade to Black"

                                         Denali State Park, Alaska
                                                 January 19, 2003

    Amagnificent auroral curtain shines with the iridescent-like colors of mother of pearl as it slowly crosses the sky from west to east in this view looking north. Tall paralell rays, shaped by the Earth's magnetic field, reach into the distance above a stand of poplars.
    The upper parts of the aurora, streaching for hundreds of miles into space, are now in direct sunlight where they are transformen into beautiful shades of violet and blue as nitrogen molocules extract extra energy from the light. The full moon, now low in the west also adds its reflected sunlight to this effect.
    The lovely green coloring is formed a bit lower by ionized oxygen atoms at about 50 to 100 miles high.
    I used a 6x9cm. home-built medium-format camera with a 50mm lens and Kodak E100S film to record the beautiful display.

    This image is availible in the following sizes: 5x7, 6x9, 8x12, 11x15, and 12x18 as well as an 8x16 vertical crop. It is also avilible in a three image set here.

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