(c) Dennis C. Anderson
                               "Fire and Ice"

                                         Portage Lake, Alaska
                                            October 31, 2003

    The aurora borealis exibits the firey colors of an energetic display over  a snow-capped Pyramid Peak, while iceburgs float by carried on the currents of this glacial lake located about an hour south east of Anchorage.
    While photographing this early morning scene, the glacier, located on the far end of the lake, calved more burgs into the water and produced a tremendous roar that pierced the calm of the pre-dawn. The explosive event created echos that thundered throughout the still valley.
    This late-October auroral activity was the result of a series of solar flares that were amongst the most powerful ever recorded and the event has now been referred to as "the perfect storm" amongst the community of solar and auroral abservers.

    I used a 6x9 cm medium format camera equipped with a 50mm wide angle lens and Fuji Provia 400F film to capture the moment with great detail.

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