"Green Sky Over Redoubt"

            Cape Starichkoff, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
                                 August 12, 2000

    Shimmering green rays of an active aurora dance above 11,000 foot high Redoubt Volcano in this view looking northwest from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.
    Redoubt is the northernmost volcano of the Aleutian Range and is seen here peeking through spruce trees on the bluffs above Cook Inlet.
    Twilight was still strong when this photo was taken, about two hours after sunset at 12:30 a.m. True darkness is still a couple weeks away as the sun does not get very far below the horizon in early August.
   The aurora takes many shapes and forms and with a little imagination, one can see a common Alaska scene here as a great eagle with outstreached talons and sharp beak makes its final approach on an unwary salmon dinner.
    I used a conventional 35mm camera with a 28mm wide-angle lens and Kodak E100VS film for this photo.

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