"Like a Dream"

                         Home Sweet Homer, Alaska
                                  April 15, 2006

    Sometimes it seems right out of a dream when the aurora is gently swaying in the solar breezes and filling the sky with its mysterious luminous vapors. And so it was on this peaceful April 15-16, 2006 night spent right at home.
    Earlier, I had loaded my van with camera equipment intending to spend the night chasing the aurora and end up who knows where. As it turned out I had parked not 100 yards from the end of our drive and decided that it doesn't get much better than this.
    The aurora gave quite a performance on this early "spring" night as it entertained for hours on end right up until the light of dawn finally erased all traces from the sky. It was especially nice for me to just drop my boots and crawl into a warm bed instead of making a long sleepy drive back home.
    The camera that I used for this image is a home-built medium-format 6x9cm. with a 50mm wide-angle lens and the film: Kodak E200.

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