"A Mystical Alaskan Night"

            Donnely Dome, near Delta Junction, Alaska
                                 January 23, 2003

    As the moon rose earlier this night, coyotes announced its appearance with a distinct chorus of their shrill voices. Later, wolves joined in as the aurora grew in intensity, their mornful howls wafted to me on a light breeze. And then, from somewhere off in the brush, I could hear moose communicating with their low gutteral grunts. To this, a great horned owl added his series of hoots and was answered by another off in the darkness.
    The willow ans spruce were all covered with beautiful feathery ice crystals - hoar frost that twinkled in the moonlight complimenting the flickering light of the stars above.
    My breath rose and fell gently to the ground as it was turned to tiny ice crystals in the cold air. I could hear my heart beating in the still of the moment. Its regular beat grew faster and stronger as the aurora began to brighten and move across the northern sky. These are the moments that I live for.
    I took this image using a 4x5 large-format camera equipped with a 150mm lens and Kodak E100PP film for a wealth of detail not achievable in a smaller format.

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