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"Omega Sky"  Homer, Alaska

This is a recent addition taken from our front yard near Homer this past November. It is a good example of a feature known as an omega loop, named after the Greek letter that it resembles.
"Denali Wide"  Denali Park, Alaska

Mount McKinley is visible during this energetic display on a bright January night.
"Seventhe Heaven"  Clam Gulch, Kenai Peninsula

The flickering aurora develops blues and violets in response to the approaching dawn.
"Andromeda Mist" Gulkana River, Paxon, Alaska

The aurora borealis lights up the snow as mist rises from the river on a crisp 30-below night in January
"Purple Ray of Light"  Ninilchik, Alaska

A tall ray reaches up out of the darkness and is transforn=med to violet by direct sunlight in this pre-dawn November aurora.

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"Fire and Ice"  Portage Lake, Alaska

The light of dawn is just starting to show on this late October night about one hour southeast of Anchorage.
"A Pastel Sky" Homer, Alaska

Subtle hues are visible in the northern sky during an early October display.
"Angel Fire" Homer, Alaska

Fantastic oxygen reds danced overhead as seen from our driveway outside of Homer on this mid-January morning around 4:00 a.m.
"Breakup at 40-mile" East-Central Alaska near Chicken

A bright aurora lights up the night on a crisp 50-below night in late January.
"Mirror Pond Aurora" Anchor River, Kenai Peninsula

A modest display is reflected in calm waters along the Anchor River during this mid-September outing.
"On the Edge of Darkness"  Homer, Alaska

It wasn't quite dark yet during this early season aurora seen from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. Twilight and rare noctilucent clouds illuminatye the horizon in the middle of this short, early-August night.
"Aurora Over the Alaska Range" Talkeetna, Alaska

The aurora suddenly surges over  Mount McKinley and the Alaska Range in this mid-October evening.
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"Incredible Journey" Lake Christiansen, Talkeetna

It wasn't far from the road to the lake but it was worth every step on this October night.
"Breakup at Talkeetna"

Off in the woods the wolves were howling their approval as the aurora suddenly brightened over the Alaska Range. I answered back at the top of my lungs on this October evening.
"Reflections at Twenty-Mile"  Portage, A'laska

The entire sky was glowing an erry red as it grew dark. When this was combined with the more common greens, rare shades of orange and yellow appeared and were reflected in the calm water along the Twenty-Mile River during this late-October show.
"Dawn's Early Light"  Denali Park, Alaska

Mount McKinley rises up out of the darkness to catch the light of dawn as the stars were going to bed in this mid-October image
"Colored Sky of August"  Western Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Illiamna and Redoubt volcanoes are visible across Cook Inlet while twilight lingers in this early-season aurora on a pleasant August evening.
"The Wind in the Willow" White Mountains, Central Alaska

The wind was fierce when I first arrived in the afternoon but it laid down in the evening leaving an eerie calmness about the frozen tundra as the noirthern lights gathered strength during this late-March outing.
"Lights Over Fairbanks"  The Golden Heart of Alaska

The northern lights compete with the artificial lights of Alaska's second largest city as viewed from Chena Ridge in early April.
"Anchorage, City of Light" 

Alaska's largest city shines like a pearl amongst mountains lit by alpenglow and is reflected off Cook Inlet, snow and ice during the "magic time" of deepening twilight in this late March view from Earthquake Park.
"Augustine, Still Smoking"  St. Augustine Volcano, Lower Cook Inlet

Amongst Alaska's many active volcanoes, Augustine is one of the most active and potentially violent. Here is smolders as its gas and steam plume drift away during its most recent episode. I took this image from our home a few miles outside of Homer.
"Illiamna at Sunrise" Illiamna Volcano, Aleutian Range

Illiamna is one of the northernmost peaks of the Aleutian Range and is visible from all of the western Kenai Peninsula. Although there have been no major eruptions in modern times, it is considered active and is a sleeping giant. I took this image from our home on Diamond Ridge outside of Homer.