"Portrait of a Mountain"

                                                Mount McKinley
                                        Denali State Park, Alaska
                                               October 17, 2003

    The last quarter moon lay off of my left shoulder as the early dawn inched its way in from behind me to fill the shadows that the moon had cast. The light of the aurora further brightened the sky providing the perfect highlights to the mountains that were before me. A recent snowfall had dusted the foothills adding even greater depth to the scene. The sound of rushing water from the Chulitna River came to me wafted on a light breeze. This gentle sound rose and fell as light gusts of wind did as well. The river glowed with the greenish light of reflected aurora.
    No matter how many times that I visit this spot, it is forever changing and never like the time before. The river forever changes course. The trees grow and sometimes die. The sky and the ligh - especially the light - are in a constant state of change.
    The unpredictability of the weather and the aurora as well as fatigue and the inherent difficulty of large format photography can make for quite a challenge when you desire the mountain for a simple portrait sitting but on this peaceful morning everything came togeather.
    I used a 4x5 camera with a 150mm lens and Fuji Provia 100F film for this shot of Mount McKinley from near mile 135 of the Parks Highway.

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