Night Trax aurora photography

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   It should be noted that I shoot many different cameras with various formats and film types. The majority of my work is done in medium and large format using home-built and modified cameras which provide images rich in detail and quality not availible in conventional 35mm or digitital cameras.
    In an effort to keep my quality at the very highest levels; not all images are availible in all sizes. You will find a list of sizes availible for each image at the bottom of the individual image description pages.

Print Only:
These prices are for individual prints without matting;

5x7...$10                         s/h $5
6x9...$15                          s/h $5
8x12, 8x8...$25                        s/h $5
11x15, 11x11...$35                     s/h $10
12x18...$45                      s/h $10

Panoramic sizes:
6x12...$20                       s/h $5
8x16...$30                        s/h $10
13x26...$65                       s/h $10

Limited edition Prints:

20x24...$135.00                         s/h $20
24x30 or 24x36   $225.00             s/h/ $20

Matted Prints and Sets:
In addition to these print only prices I have matted prints availible ready for framing. These are double mats. Outer mat color is listed first followed by inner mat color.

Mat types are; ragboard availible in a forest green/olive and dark blue/light blue with black cores.

Suedeboard matting is availible in Dark blue/light blue with white core, dark blue/navy with black core and a dark grey/navy with black core
Examples of matting styles can be found on the "Photo Sets" page.

5x7 in an 8x10 frame size...$18.00                         s/h $5
6x9 in an 11x14 frame size  $28.00                         s/h $10
8x12 in a  12x16 frame size  $38.00                         s/h $10
11x15 in a 16x20 frame size  $58.00                         s/h $15
12x18 in an 18x24 frame size $78.00                         s/h $20

6x12 pano in a 10x16 frame size: $35.00                  s/h $10
8x16 pano in a 12x20 frame size  $50.00                   s/h $15
triple set   12x20 frame size     $59.00                      s/h $15

5x7 in an 8x10 frame size...$22.00                            s/h $5
6x9 in an 11x14 frame size...$32.00                           s/h $10
8x12 in a 12x16 frame size...$45.00                            s/h $10
11x15 in a 16x20 frame size...$69.00                          s/h $15
12x18 in an 18x24 frame size...$89.00                         s/h $20

6x12 pano in a 10x16 frame size...$39.00                    s/h $10
8x16 pano in a 12x20 frame size ...$60.00                    s/h $15
triple set in a 12x20 frame size     $69                         s/h $15

Larger prints can be matted but shipping becomes costly so I encourage matting at your end. Call me for a quote if you are interested. (907) 235-3735

I also have frames availible for all my sizes. They are limited to a high quality black metal finish that I feel does not distract from the image and is quite complimentary. Call for size and shipping quotes. (907) 235-3735

Custom sizes and sets are a possibility as well but let's talk about it in a phone call. (907) 235-3735

Shipping and Quantity Discounts:
In many cases, Shipping can be combined for multiple items and discounts for multiple items may apply. (Contact me for a quote.)

Payment can be made by mail at:
Night Trax Photography
P.O. Box 3934
Homer, Alaska 99603
I accept personal checks, money orders and cashier's checks.

Payment by phone can be in the form of a credit card. I accept
Visa, Master Card and Discover. (907) 235-3735

Or Secure payment can be made on-line through PayPal at
Just use my email address: and be sure to include
what you want and a mailing address.

Call: Dennis Anderson/Night Trax Photography
at (907) 235-3735
Or: Send me an email by clicking below.

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Night Trax aurora photography