"Right at the Light"

                                    Homer,  Alaska
                                     April 15, 2006

   The bright moon takes center stage as the northern lights stream from overhead and off towards the west. A component of the aurora takes a hard right northward from the main body during this early morning display.
    Moonlight is reflected off the waters of Cook Inlet with 11,000 foot Illiamna Volcano is visible on the distant horizon as spruce trees take up the foreground.
    Even though I had loded my van with camera gear in anticipation of chasing the aurora and moonlit scenery, I found myself parked not 100 yards from the end of our driveway...now I remember why we moved up here.
    I used a 6x9cm. home-built medium format camera equipped with a 50mm wide-angle lens and Kodak E200 film to record this early "spring" scene.

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