"Ruby Rain"

                                  Homer, Alaska
                                October 1, 2002

    This rare, ruby-colored, crowning aurora briefly graced the sky above Homer on this early October around 5:00a.m. on a morning to remember.
    Rain had fallen steadily for the past two days and even though the stars and moon were becoming visible a light rain continued to fall in an unusual twist of unpredictable Alaskan weather.
    The drizzle wetted my eyes as I craned my neck to watch the aurora form directly overhead. When it began to turn red I knew that I had to try and capture it on film - even though I thought that Ithe conditions might risk damage to my beloved equipment.
     After one quick shot, I was inside again gently toweling off the camera nd cleaning droplets off the lens. Now that I have seen the results I know that it was well worth the risk.
     This photo was taken using a 6x9 home-built medium format camera with a 50mm lens and Fuji Provia 400F film.

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