"Spirit of Ecstacy"

                                   Homer,  Alaska
                                 January 17, 2005

   The aurora borealis, tonight in the form of a mythical winged creature, approached from the north and west and began to fill the sky with brilliant colors reserved for the rarest occasions.
   It had come in fits and waves starting early in the evening but after a long lull between 1:30 a.m and now, around 4:00 most aurora observers had turned in for the night maybe thinking the show was over or maybe just too tired for more but I am glad now that I had persisted.
  The early morning display is seen here at start of a fantastic crowning display that lasted over 20 minutes. The red is just forming in the west in preparation for the spectacular overhead surge eastward.
   I used a 6x7 cm. home-built medium format camera equipped with a 38mm wide-angle lens and Kodak E100G film to record the show.

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