"Star Trails Over Russian Church"

                                          Ninilchik Village, Alaska
                                                     April 24, 2000

    This unusual view of the Russian Orthodox Church, located in Ninilchik on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, is acquired using a long exposure.
    Due to the Earth's rotation during the four hours required for this image, the stars have trailed part way around the sky and have left their images as streaks of light on the film. The "North Star", Polaris, is at the center of their circular motion due to its proximity directly over the Earth's North Pole.
    The auroa borealis remained just a glow on the northern horizon and is seen as the yellowish-greenish glow that paints the horizon. It is auroras such as this that can be simply mistaken for lights of a distant city.
    I used a 6x6cm. medium-format camera equipped with a 30mm fish-eye lens and Fuji 100MS film for this lengthy exposure.

    This image is availible in the following sizes: 5x7, 6x9, 8x12, and 11x15 as well as in a set of three images found here.

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