On these pages you will find  award-winning images
of nature's most-colorful and amazing natural phenomenon: the aurora borealis, also kown as "northern lights"
     Come on in! Explore for a while. Let go your worldly restraints and fly up into the near-space environment of our upper atmosphere... and beyond!

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Hey you...            There's nothing down here...            Really.
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Nothing down here.
Night Trax aurora photography
Dennis C. Anderson
Night Trax  aurora photography
The above image "Angel Fire" was selected from amongst 426 photographers all over the world as Nordley's 2005 Photo Of The Year. This is the most prestigious aurora photo contest of its kind. The Grand prize awarded to Mr. Anderson, was an all-expenses paid trip to the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway where sounding rockets are launched into the upper atmosphere. The Norwegians have lead the world in the study of the aurora for over 100 years and it was here that some of the very first aurora images were taken.
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     What is a wimpy camera you might ask?

      Well... its anything that might not survive a harsh winter night of say minus 40 degrees or more without mechanical damage or dead batteries.

      In other words: If your camera manual states that operating temperatures are above zero or above freezing well then... you might just have a wimpy camera.

"Omega Sky" lights up the north during a recent display
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If you are in Homer, you should stop on in to the Fireweed Gallery right downtown on Pioneer Street to see my ongoing exhibit featuring large canvas pieces as well as a great variety of matted/framed works... ready to go!