Night Trax Aurora Photography :  "Squares"
     These images are all taken using a 6x6 cm. meduim-format camera.

    They are availible in 13x13 and 11x11 inch full-frame prints at $35 and $45 each respectively.

   Beautifully matted and framed versions measuring 20x20 and 16x16 inches are availible for $119 and $159 ea.

                 "View from Planet Earth"

Moonlight on the Central Alaska Range as seen from above the Delta River on a starry, starry night.
                          "Candle Dragon"

Crowning (overhead) aurora from Homer Alaska
                    "Last Call for the Aurora"

Late May crowning aurora from near Homer, Alaska
                "Star Trails Over Russian Church"

    A 4-hour long exposure of star trails over the Russian          Orthodox Church at Ninilchik, Alaska
                                "Ion Butterfly"

A powerful and beautiful aurora that filled the southern sky as seen from Captain Cook State Park on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula
              "Green Lights and Cold Nights"

A bright green aurora lights up the snow near Tok in East-Central Alaska
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                                     "Wild Sky"

The whole sky lets loose over Cook Inlet as seen from the beach at Anchor Point.
                                "New Day"

The dawn is greeted by a brilliant red aurora after a stormy night on the Southern Kenai Peninsula.