"Concerto in Ursa Major"

                             Deep Creek, Alaska
                                August 12, 2000

   Tall rays of an energetic aurora float across the northern sky like the musical notes of a celestial score. The starsof the "Big Dipper" in the constellation of Ursa Major shine through the colorful display. Light from the set sun opaints the northern horizon with a golden hue of twilight. It was about 1:30 a.m. local time and this is as dark as it would get on this short summer night.
    Purple rays stand tall as the becon from a lighthouse competes for attention. The purple coloring of these tall rays was so intense that it was easily visible to the unaided eye. Usually purples escape human detection at night as our eyes are not very sensitive to this part of the spectrum. The purple coloring is produced when the top of the aurora is exposed to direct sunlight in a procecc known as resonance scattering where nitrogen molocules "extract" this color from direct sunlight and then "re-broadcast" it in an amplified form.
  I used a conventional 35mm Nikon camera with a 28mm lens and Kodak E100VS film to capture the moment.

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